It was money well spent on our son. We were a bit lost, regarding what to do with him for the summer. We were happy that there are programs like the ACLC Summer program to help us, as well as him. We would certainly do it again for our younger children, if and when they need it. M.L.

I like that my daughter enjoys going to ACLC. She is more confident in her work and I’m proud of her continued success. – J. B.

I really liked the warm, nurturing feeling I got when I came in to discuss tutoring for my son. It was very inviting. – T. R.

I enjoy the fact that my daughter is not afraid to read out loud and has fun doing it. – C. H.

I love ACLC! My daughter has made the honor roll the entire year. ACLC has helped her develop skills that aid her in the classroom. She has more confidence in herself, which I love. – J.R.

The tutors helped my son beyond all my dreams. He’s now on the right track! – D. W.

ACLC has worked with my child to accommodate his needs and make his learning experience fun. The fact that my child would like to continue going is definitely a testimonial for me. – A.R.

My child and I had a very pleasant experience at the Center. She didn’t mind attending her sessions and she enjoyed the subject that she was taught. Her tutor did an awesome job! Thanks for your time and effort!